According to the latest figures published by Yachtworld it now takes 350 to 450 days to sell a boat. These are average time periods based on 132,000 boats for sale by 2525 Yacht Brokers using Yachtworld.

Comparative data from shows an average of only 225 days to sell a boat.

Since was founded in 1999, processes and technology have been developed to make “yacht brokerage” more efficient. As the above figures show this has also resulted in considerable savings in the time to sell boats.

Boatshed continually monitor the behaviour of their 630,000 registered customers, their algorithms enable them to place boats in front of an interested audience much faster than simply waiting for it to happen organically. Plus they use historic behavioural data to carefully calculate who might and who might not be suitable for a particular boat as it is listed or as it's price is reduced in the marketplace.

The boatshed challenge is to continually reduce the amount of time a boat remains for sale, continue offering buyers and sellers a full brokerage service and achieving the best price at sale.
The company continues to strive to fulfil all 3 goals at once, however if this challenge it is all about the speed at which Boatshed can sell boats (as the title suggests) then the figures seem to speak for themselves?

Boatshed are proud to work with Yachtworld (we have worked together since 2006) and we see the combination of Yachtworld's "reach", coupled with Boatshed brokerage data and systems, as the key factors in accelerating the speed of selling boats

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Information source; Yachtworld Market Index 2013 Q4 published Feb 2014 Information source; Yachtworld Market Index 2013 Q4 published Feb 2014